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Greetings viewers!I`m Quanthum{enough about me let`s get to the serios part :)}!
This website is built for a very good friend of mine Eugen and for the whole MU-Love staff, including moderators Spinne, Coclender & Saprosan.
These people work very hard for keeping in shape one of the best MU servers MU-Love.
And I am greatful to them for all the hard work!

Listen MMORPG players!
A new highly equipped MU Server has just appeared!
Server Name: MU-LOVE
Location: Romania
Love-Mu is the latest version of MU and it`s full of surprises, it has:
New maps: Valley of Loren, Land of Trial and many more!
New monsters: Fire Golem, Hell Maine and many more!
New Items:
Armors: Gladiator Armor[MG], Darkness Armor[BK], Emperor Armor[SM], Natural Armor[ME], Lord Armor[DL]
Weapons: Invinco Blade[BK], Great Sorc Staff[SM], Black Reign Blade[MG], Xeon Bow[ME], Xinhua [DL]
And other new items!
All the known maps like Lorencia, Devias, Noria etc. have a new appearence(new colors, textures, graphics)!
There is a special event/quest named Siege:
You have to conquer the Hero`s Castle by crushing the Ancient Gates and destroying the Ancient Statues,
there are guild wars, firing catapults and other special effects.
The EXP is good and the server is NON-STOP!
Please visit this page from where you can register new accounts and download the FULL Client!



Look upon the great warriors conquer the Valley of Loren!Soul Masters, Magic Gladiators, Muse Elves, Blade Knights and Dark Lords are all together for the most supreme quest of all The Castle Siege!


Seek for the Dark Wizzard making haste, crushing down the Devils and the Death Knights from the Lost Tower!
The Hell Fire spell appears to be efficient, but not for long, just wait until the Death Gorgons appear....Our DOOM is aproaching!




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